Multiple Intelligence & Interest Test

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As you are aware, we now live in a fast changing world where parents are facing a few challenges viz.

a. Preparing children for academic success.
b. Making them competent to be employable so that they lead a successful and happy life.

It's a well known fact that in our our children grow up in an education system where ....

1. Importance is primarily given to scoring higher marks /grades and not on holistic development.

2. Career choices are made not on children's natural strengths and interests/passion, but on Parent's wishes or Peer Pressure.

A recent survey on employability in India reveals that 80% of Indian graduates are not employable. If this continues , it could lead our children to uncertain future, frustration and even to depression.

We have designed a unique programme viz. 'Take Charge Of Your Future(TCYF)'

The objective of this programme is …

● Identify SMARTs (Natural Strengths) and interest areas of Students/Teenagers/young adults.

● Mapping core competencies(SMARTs) and interests with potential career options suitable for them.

● Guide them to choose right career path based on the strengths and interests so that they can take charge of their future, become not only successful but also happy in life.

How does this programme work ?

4 Simple Steps to ‘Taking Charge Of Future’:

Step 1 : Discover What Smart You Are (Identify your core strengths)

a. Multiple Intelligence Test(Based on Prof. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences)

b.Interest test

c. Analyzing of report through an online meeting(One to one)

Step 2 : Customized Learning Plan

Up-skill yourself in your SMART (Strengths)areas and PASSION.

Step 3 : Career Mapping based on your Strengths and Passion.

Step 4 : Get guidance on the way forward and Take Charge Of Your Future.