Let our children live their Dreams!!

A couple of years back I had an opportunity to meet an HOD of psychology at a University in Hyderabad. During our conversation he narrated an interesting experience which was really thought provoking.

He was telling that a couple young engineering graduates had applied for admission into psychology stream that year. He was saying that he was really amazed to hear about that as he didn’t see any logical connection between engineering and psychology. He thought of meeting those young boys to find out the reason for opting for psychology.

When the HOD met them and got to know the reason, he was in the state of disbelief and shock. Those boys told him that they actually wanted to take up psychology as their subjects for graduation; but their parents compelled them to get into engineering. To please their parents they went ahead and did their B.Tech. However they are not able to get any job and they don’t see any future for them. As such they decided of following their passion ie. studying psychology.

Now, what does this example tell us??

Most parents compel or force their children to choose their career based on their own dreams for their children and not allow children to choose their career and follow their passion to achieve their own dreams in life.

I am sure all parents  aspire to see their children become successful in life. But does only academic and professional success  is what our children are looking at? What about their happiness?  What about their Dreams? Do we think about it? Do we all take our children into confidence and find out about their choice of career, their dreams etc.

I remember, the year when my daughter completed her 10th grade scoring over 90%. Most of her peer group chose career streams such as engineering and medicine. But she didn’t want to get into streams which had science and math. She made her choice of getting to commerce, and we stood by her decision. She went ahead and excelled in her career in commerce and got selected by an MNC even before she got her degree.  She worked for about 3 years in that MNC and one fine day she decided to quit her job and go to Australia for higher studies in accounts and finance. Here again my wife and I stood by her decision. She did her masters from a university in Melbourne with good scores and within a couple of months got herself a job in a reputed Australian firm. Today she is not only successful; but also happy.

Now why am sharing this example?  The answer is very simple. We as parents  wanted our daughter to be happy while being successful. We gave her the freedom to choose her career and supported her on her way in achieving her dream.

Let us give our children scope to work with their innate strengths, let us give them freedom to choose their career and encourage them to follow their passion.

If our children follow their passion, they will enjoy what they do and will be successful and happy in life.

Let’s help them LIVE THEIR DREAM!