Isn’t it important that we choose a career where we would not only be Successful but also HAPPY?

As a child, I had always dreamt of becoming an engineer, getting  a good job and, earn a lot of money. During those days(1970’s), becoming an engineer was a big  thing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into engineering as I didn’t get the required scores to be able to qualify for engineering admission. As such, I had to go ahead and do my B.Sc. 

After graduation, I had to take up a job to support my family. I started my career in an MNC. I worked in that company for 16 long years. Like any other employee, I was working for earning my livelihood… My dreams were nowhere in my sight.
Sometime in 1995, there was a turning point in my life. I met a gentleman, one Mr. Vijay Dhamaskar in a bus while traveling from Hubli to Goa. During our conversation, he was talking about an educational concept that could change a child’s life. I didn’t understand at that point what he meant by that. He was representing educational products selling company and was trying to sell his concept to me. I was curious to know about the concept that could change lives.

I invited him to my house to give me more details about his concept and subsequently, I went ahead and invested in his program for my daughter’s future.
A few days later, Mr. Vijay came back with an offer where I could get back the money that I had invested in the educational program. I was made to go through a couple of trainings and get-together sessions where I was introduced to people, many of whom were teachers, professionals, employees, homemakers, who were part of this team promoting the educational programs that were designed to change children's lives. Within a short time, I fell in love with this exercise where I was touching many lives and making a difference to them and, while doing that I was getting paid handsomely.
I realized that I was not actually working but enjoying what I was doing and also getting paid for it. That became a second turning point in my life. I decided to quit my full-time job in the MNC and took this as a full-time profession. From that time I never looked back. I grew up personally and professionally, touched so many people’s lives and, made a difference to their families. In the process, I changed my life too. 
I started my career as a factory worker in a pharma company and, on the way made a conscious choice and changed my career to be in the educational field.
Today I feel proud to be acknowledged as a professional trainer, motivator, educator and, parenting coach.
Now, the reason why I am sharing my story is that recently I went through a scientifically developed test that helps you to discover your innate core strengths and passion areas.

When I went through my test reports, I was pleasantly surprised to notice certain things that really opened my eyes….
The career/profession that I am in today is actually in sync with my strengths which I was born with.

What does this mean? This means that I started growing personally and professionally after I changed the line of my career. I chose a career where my strengths are and where my passion lies.

I love what I do and get paid for it. That’s why today I am not only successful, but also happy.